What Makes You a Good Candidate for Solar Energy?

Solar panels are becoming more popular because of the solar energy they can produce to power electrical appliances. Aside from the environmental benefits it can give us, solar energy can also cut your energy bills per month. However, not all homes are good for solar panels because there are a lot of things to consider for the solar panel installation Austin. 

When you consult with company that specializes in solar system, they would give you an assessment so you can prepare whatever you need to do. The following are the criteria the companies will look at your house so it can efficiently run your solar panel.  

  1. Roof Size 

The first thing to determine whether you can install a solar panel in your house is the size of your roof. If you’re going to spend a lot of energy or if you have huge energy consumption, you would obviously need more roof space to accommodate all of it. Typically, 1 square root will need 10 Watts, so if you’re going to convert it will represent about 12%. It means that every kilowatt you use, your roof space will need 100 square feet of solar panel.  

  1. Placement of Panels 

The solar panels have particular places or directions to be installed. It needs to be installed in southern, eastern or western facing roofs, sometimes a combination of two of these directions. Northern facing roofs are not suitable for solar panels because they don’t get sun. It also becomes a problem if the trees are obstructing the sun or if your roof needs a larger unit.  

  1. Sun Exposure 

Sun exposure is also very important for installing solar panels in one’s home. Companies should consider how many hours of sunlight you get daily, because there are a lot of places who don’t get such. Places like Chicago, Seattle and Pittsburgh get at least 4 hours per day; on the other hand, California, Colorado and Arizona get seven hours. If you’re located in the area where it has short sun exposure, you need a bigger system so you can harness more energy.  

  1. Energy Needs 

Another thing to consider if your energy needs per month, multiply by 12 months of a year. Most companies will calculate your energy needs by dividing your daily use by the power you get from the sun, and then multiply by 71%. This percentage is based on the inherent inefficiencies in the systems and increases accuracy in the quoting process. After the calculation, you would realize how much you’re going to save from installing solar panels.  

  1. Cost vs Incentives 

Obviously, there would be costs involve even if you’re going to lease, finance or buy a solar panel system. When choosing for a solar system, make sure you will save a lot of money for it. Compare tax credits and rebates to how much the system is going to cost you. If the number is positive, then the solar panel system is a great investment for you.  

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